Hey there! Welcome to CookBook Reviewed! Wondering what this site is about? Well, I have a number of things going on here so let me tell you about them.

Cookbook Reviews

This site is first and foremost, and cookbook review site.  What does that entail exactly? Most weeks will have a mixture of something like this:

  1. Intro to the cookbook- I will share with you what cookbook to expect to see that week, why I picked it, what kind of cookbook it’s about, and what recipes I plan on testing throughout the week.
  2. I will test out multiple recipes from the cookbook, and share my results along with pictures of the process, what tools I used, difficulty level, and of course if it was delicious (or nasty)!
  3. What’s unique about the cookbook? Most cookbooks have entire sections dedicated to education in the kitchen. These are my favorite parts usually! I will share something new I learned, or something I really enjoyed about the content portion of the cookbook.
  4. Overall review of the book- this is where I will share my complete assessment and experience, including a five star quality rating.
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Cooking Tools Reviews

I love my cooking tools- just ask my husband. I love to try new tools and appliances, and love even more to talk about them! This is is where you go when you want to know what type of pressure cooker to get. Or blender. Or measuring cups. You get the gist.

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Original Recipes

This will be a minor contribution to the site, but every now and then I will share a little recipe I came up with that I didn’t find in one of the cookbooks I’m reviewing. Just a little added bonus here and there!

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